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Prices And Dispatch

Prices include VAT and can undergo variation at any time withoutmVAT is 22% for those who do not have their own VAT number, resident in Italy and within the European Community. While those who are not resident in the European Community are exempt of VAT as it does not apply in accordance to the law (art.D.P.R.633/72). For purchases made by those who have their own VAT number and resident in the European Community but not Italy, VAT is not added as they are considered exempt in accordance to the law (art 40 D.L.331/93). Forwarding costs will be added to the price of sale, which for Italy will be free for orders for over 200 euros, while for orders less than that amount dispatch costs will be added and automatically calculated clearly at the time of purchase. All forwarding outside Italian territory is against payment, therefore forwarding costs will be added to the purchase price. As this amount is not foreseen as it is variable according to the country the goods are sent to, it will be automatically calculated and clearly displayed before definitely confirming the purchase. As for Cash on Delivery (only possible for Italy) a C.O.D. fee will be added to the cost and calculated each time according to the value of the goods dispatched. Every dispatch made towards countries outside the European Community will be subject to verification of the means of dispatch. The carrier chosen by F.lli Iaria for dispatch is Mailboxes Etc. On delivery, customers are required to check that the parcel is intact and does not show any signs of tampering or deterioration. Any possible signs of it not being intact must be immediately reported to the carrier, as once the delivery note has been signed it is no longer possible to complain about the condition of the received parcel.
Moreover, it is important to note that because of obvious technological limits, all the characteristics concerning the product on the site are to be considered purely informative, as the items shown could differ in colour or size. We are therefore at your disposal by means of our Customer Service to offer any information and explanation regarding all the items on sale.

Tax And Customs Duties

Each purchase made outside the European Community will be subject to Customs duties which cannot be paid or calculated beforehand by us, as such amounts vary according to the country the items are dispatched to. Therefore this amount will be entirely the customer’s responsibility. The charge will be required on delivery either by Customs authorities or by the Carrier if is authorised to do so in your country. Therefore, in order to avoid any misunderstanding or unpleasant inconvenience, you are advised to contact the Customs authorities of your country who will be able to give you detailed relative information.

Right To Change One’S Mind

In accordance to the law, by the decree of 25/05/99 art.5 185/99 guarding the interests of customers who are making a purchase a customer has the right to change his/her mind if he/she is no longer interested in it or if it does not fulfil his/her requirements. This does not entail a penalty and the customer is not required to specify a reason. This must be done within and not more ten working days after receiving the items. In order to benefit from this right, customers need to send a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to F.lli Iaria s.n.c., Via Marconi 24, 28845 Domodossola (VB), Italy specifying and describing the number of products to be returned. As soon as the communication is received our Customer Service will contact you to assist you as well as possible. Please remember that the decree 185/99 states that customers have the right to change their minds without having to pay a penalty and the only cost on the customer’s behalf is that which entails retuning the goods which must be placed in a suitable packaging to safeguard their integrity. As the cost of returning the goods and the packaging are totally the customer’s responsibility, it is he or she who chooses the carrier, keeping in mind that during this phase, the goods travel entirely under the customer’s responsibility, therefore F.lli Iaria s.n.c. will not be liable in any way in case of theft, disappearance or damage to the goods. As soon as the parcel arrives and after verifying the integrity of the goods which must be complete in all their original parts, together with the original paperwork and accessories ( in the case of items being damaged or tampered with, it will not be possible for us to refund the amount paid, as the essential condition named in the decree above in order to benefit from the possibility of changing one’s mind, is the integrity of the goods returned) we will proceed to refund the amount paid, excluding the forwarding cost and C.O.D. fee, by bank transfer in the shortest time possible and not more than 30 days after receiving the returned goods. Therefore, the customer must let us know, in good time, the bank details and bank account number on which he/ she wishes to receive the bank transfer. 


All the items on sale are guaranteed for 24 months from the date of purchase. The said guarantee covers any manufacturing fault also through the network of agents of the trademark on Italian territory. In the case of a fault or defective mechanism, the guarantee will take care of the repairs, the replacement with an identical item or with a similar one of the same value. Damage caused by wrong handling or improper use is excluded from the guarantee and F.lli Iaria decline any responsibility for direct or indirect damage to objects or people caused by wrong handling or bad functioning of the products. The customer’s rights described above will not apply if repairs are carried out by unauthorised third parties. By placing a purchase order confirmation the customer is deemed to have read and totally and entirely accepted the terms and conditions of sale described above.


In order to guarantee the security of transactions on its own website, F.lli Iaria, thanks to arrangements made with the agreed bank, benefit from the protocol Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which is supported by the most widespread browsers. Such technology sees that the information and discreet data given on the Internet is encrypted or rather coded according to complex mathematical procedures which make it impossible for third parties to read. The use of a Secure Socket by the customer is very easy and does not entail any particular procedure since the compatible browser, capable of communicating in code with the Secure Socket (SSL) automatically handles the information transmitted in a secure way. Usually, connection to a Secure Socket (SSL) is shown by a display on the monitor and an address of a page with Https, and besides, at the bottom, either on the right or on the left one will see a closed locket where one can read information on the SSL certificate. Therefore F.lli Iaria s.n.c. who use such a Secure Socket (SSL) to transfer data concerning payment by Credit Card by the customer will NEVER get to know about the data as when the procedure starts the connection is re-addressed to the bank’s server, thus any operation is carried out only between the customer’s computer and the bank’s. From the page which requires personal details to be filled in , after choosing payment by Credit Card, there is access to a page from the bank asking for details of the Credit Card itself and the subsequent forwarding to the bank by Secure Socket (SSL). The bank will then credit the amount on F.lli Iaria s.n.c.’s account. It is right to remember that in case of abuse or improper use, a customer can contact the bank which issued the Credit Card, refuse the amount charged, and once the situation is clear, obtain the refund of the said amount.


By guaranteeing the dealing of personal details and by applying the decree 196 of 30/06/2003 the customer allows F.lli Iaria s.n.c. to collect and use the data exclusively to process your order and dispatch informative material via e-mail and post which concerns the e-commerce carried out on the above mentioned web site. At any time, a customer can ask for information in writing, information which concerns data dealt with and filed, ask for its updating , its rectification, its integration and in the extreme, its cancellation or block by sending a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to F.lli Iaria s.n.c., Via Marconi 24, 28845 Domodossola (VB) Italy.


For every purchase F.lli Iaria will submit a regular receipt or invoice using the personal details offered by the customer at the time of the order. If there appear to be mistakes in the details reported or it is otherwise necessary, we will ask you to contact us by sending an e-mail to info@iariagioelli.com or by telephoning (0039) 0324 242487.

Customer Service

Customers are of utmost importance to F.lli Iaria s.n.c.’s welfare and therefore have first place in the list of priorities. It is thus in our interest to provide you with the best possible service and to assist you in all the stages of purchase and with assistance post sale. Our Customer Service is at your complete disposal. For any requirement contact us via the following:

Write a letter to F.lli Iaria s.n.c., Via Marconi 24, 28845 Domodossola (VB) Italy

Send an email to info@iariagioelli.com

Phone (0039) 0324 242487 from Tuesday to Saturday from 9.30am to 12 and 3.30pm to 6.00pm

Send a fax to (0039) 0324 242487

End Notes

By placing an order you are deemed to have read and accepted the terms and conditions reported in this section.

Legal Notes

This website is the property of F.lli Iarias.n.c. a firm with its legal centre in Via Marconi 24, 28845 Domodossola (VB) Italy and enrolled as number 5495/96 in the register of businesses in V.C.O. The user who has access to this site totally accepts the following terms concerning both the use of the site in any and every way and all that concerns the contents, therefore accepting that in the case of any legal controversy Italian legislation will apply. Any public reproduction is forbidden whether it be complete or partial except for domestic use or purely informative reasons. Any form of reproduction or partial use for commercial reasons is forbidden. The links present on the site are not necessarily shared or appreciated for the content by F.lli Iaria s.n.c. as such websites which are visible through links are not at all manageable or subject to control by F.lli Iaria s.n.c., therefore we do not accept any responsibility for either the content or any possible inexact information reported therein or for any other included links. F.lli Iaria s.n.c. cannot be considered liable in any way for possible damage caused by using this site, including damage caused by virus, inexact information, faults, loss or cancellation of data, damage to hardware or software. At any moment F.lli Iaria s.n.c. reserve the right to legally pursue or prosecute in appropriate legal premises, every improper use which had not been previously authorised or was against the law. For any legal controversy the competent Court is that in Verbania Italy. F.lli Iaria s.n.c. reserve the right to modify the contents of its website at any moment and without notice. 

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